First grapefruit exports to UK

Export markets growing to Iraq, Iran and various European countries

Fruit orchards planted

Degreening facilities have been formed

Packing facilities have been formed

Logisitics company formed with 48 reefer trucks, expansion in new markets

Cold storage facilities have been formed

Facilities for pulses have been formed

Custom bound warehouses have been formed.

Oner – Kale Co formed.

New cold storages have been formed.

2nd generation as CEO, due to the decease of the founder.

New varieties have been planed in the orchards.

Agrivest have been formed in Gulf to attract foreign investment to Turkey in agriculture field.

First marble exports to China.

On-mad Co have been formed, Iron Ore production started.

Sta Labs have been formed as the most equipped lab in the region for export and import food analysis.

Performans Fertilizers have been formed and started exportation the same year.

ONER USA have been formed in USA and started exportation with the trademark The Gourmet Line.

Tissue Culture Lab has been formed and begun production with the trademark Bonavitro.

Conceptagro have been formed, trading in fertilizers and pesticides.

Paralik- Oner Investment Co have been formed to begin the construction of dormatory investment in Nicosia, Cyprus.